Frequently Asked Question?

1. What is the purpose of a perfume?

A perfume is a scented product that is primarily used to enhance personal fragrance. It can create a pleasant and lasting impression, boost confidence, and evoke various emotions.

2. What is the concentration of perfume oil in your perfumes?

We are proud to offer perfumes with a high concentration of perfume oil at 40%, which is among the highest concentrations available. This high concentration ensures that our perfumes have a longer-lasting fragrance experience. The higher oil concentration allows the scent to linger on the skin for an extended period, enhancing the longevity and overall performance of our perfumes.

3. How long does perfume last?

8-10 Hours depending on many factors.

We believe in transparency and honesty, and that's why we want to address a common misconception regarding perfume lasting.  Many companies claim that their fragrances last for a specific duration, such as 10-12 hours. However, the truth is that perfume lasting can vary significantly from person to person and depends on various factors.

Each individual's body chemistry, skin type, Clothes  and even environmental conditions play a significant role in how long a fragrance lingers. What may last for 10 hours on one person's skin might fade after 6 hours on someone else. 

At Siya Perfumes , we understand and respect these differences. Instead of making false promises about a specific duration, we focus on creating high-quality perfumes that captivate your senses and provide an enjoyable experience.

 4. What is Inspire Perfumes?

Definition: An inspired perfume refers to a fragrance that draws inspiration from a well-known, often high-end, or designer perfume.

Characteristics: Inspired perfumes are not exact replicas or copies. Instead, they are crafted to capture a similar scent profile or share key notes with the original fragrance.

Intent: These perfumes aim to offer an alternative for individuals who appreciate the aroma of a particular luxury perfume but seek a more affordable option.

Uniqueness: Inspired perfumes are distinct creations made by other brands or perfumers.